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7.7.16 – Acts 19:2

here come a few note worthy moments in our lives where we must ask ourselves a tough question. It could be financial, employment or relationship related, a crossroads of your life kinda question. Actually the question part is rather easy, it’s the answer, our decision, that we struggle with.
In Acts 19 Paul meets “disciples” from the church of Ephesus. It doesn’t take long before he realizes they’ve never been baptized in the name of Jesus and therefore they knew nothing of the Holy Spirit. They knew of Jesus but didn’t know his saving grace. Without going into detail, biblical scholars debate as to wether these men were Christians. Regardless, after hearing Paul speak they were baptized in the name of Jesus and received the Holy Spirit. This wasn’t a tough decision for them as they already thirsted for salvation.
I would venture to guess life in 2016 is a little more complicated than what it was back then, yet this question still remains for all. Have you accepted Jesus as your savior? I’ll go one better, WILL you accept Jesus as your savior? You say you believe in God, you may or may not go to church, you classify yourself as a good person but here’s the deal, none of that matters. I struggled with this for years as I knew some of the things I was doing didn’t have a place in this life. I thought I would be missing out. That is a lie! To accept his son, God doesn’t ask us to lay our behaviors aside. Jesus meets us as far as we’ll go to meet him and he begins the process of our transformation from the inside out.
Back to our Ephesian friends, these men sensed the need to get right with God. They felt an urging to go deeper and turn their life over to Jesus. I too experienced that feeling but chose to ignore it for many years. If you are being reminded of Jesus in any way, know that you too are being called. Knowing what I know now, answering that call will be the best decision you’ll ever make. Acts 19:2 – And he said to them, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” And they said, “No, we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.”