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4.24.16 – Acts 7:2a

You may recognize the name Ashley Guindon. On February 27, the day after she was sworn in to serve, Guidon was gun downed on her first day in the field as a police officer for Prince William County Virginia. By all accounts she had been preparing to serve for a long time. She obviously knew the dangers of her calling but like most officers her desire to serve the people was far more compelling. Answering that call, she proudly gave her life.
Stephen being a newly appointed disciple filled with the Holy Spirit began to spread the message of Jesus. His entire life was spent preparing for this calling. He was immediately met with resistance by the Religious rulers. Upon preaching to them Stephen became the first disciple to die in the name of Jesus.
The correlation of these two stories goes beyond their premature death’s. Ashley and Stephen were both devoted to a worthy cause that carried risk, yet it never entered their mind not to do what they had been called to do.
Whatever God is calling you to do embrace it with the same passion that Ashley and Stephen did their calling. If you’re still not sure what this is, that’s ok too. Seek the counsel of the Holy Spirit and you will be shown that path. Regardless of the outcome you’ll have done right by all concerned.
Acts 7:2a And Stephen said: “Brothers and fathers, hear me.