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4.20.16 – Acts 6:5a

We all remember learning about the great feud between the Hebrews and the Hellenists …….. Maybe not, that’s because there was no such thing. However there did rise a misunderstanding between the two groups. If we were to compare them to modern day religion the Hebrews could be Baptist and the Hellenists possibly Presbyterian. They had subtle differences that in this case caused a petty dispute over how they were addressing the needs of widows in their church. The dispute was quickly remedied by the disciples, who with input from the group, appointed deacons to oversee such matters. Crisis averted!
Disputes and differing opinions are a part of everyday life. It’s how we deal with them that will determine not only the outcome but the relationship on the other side. A petty dispute left to steep can become much bigger than it should. Pride gets in the way and before you know it the proverbial mole hill is now a mountain of disdain and mistrust. Paul knew a little something when he wrote, “In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, – Ephesians 4:26
The longer we put off dealing with differences the harder it gets. Most of the time they stem from a simple mistake or misunderstanding. So it’s best to deal with it calmly, quickly and with the other persons best interest in mind. If you’re in the middle of one of these, make the first move and extend a hand of resolution, it’s the right thing to do for all concerned. Acts 6:5a – And what they said pleased the whole gathering,