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6.21.16 – acts 16:6

How many times have your plans been derailed? If you’re like me, more than I can count. How many times has that set of circumstances turned out for the better?
As Paul continued his ministry he became acquainted with Timothy and ask that he join him. Paul had planned to continue west into Asia Minor but was forbidden by the Holy Spirit to go there. However, he was equally prompted to go into Macedonia and continue his ministry there. The scriptures tell of two notable conversions on this journey. One of a girl named Lydia, whom God had already prepared her heart for accepting Jesus. The other a guard who was watching over Paul and Timothy after they were put in prison. His conversion was much different as he had to be dramatically introduced to the power of God. God had bigger plans for Paul and Timothy as both of these encounters worked to change many other lives.
This chapter demonstrates how little control we really have in our life. God continually orchestrates our paths and their intersection with others. The missionary David Livingstone summarized the spirit of Paul when he said, “I am prepared to go anywhere, so long as it is forward.” We should adopt this spirit as it truly is a statement of trust in God’s plan for our lives. So the next time your plans change for a seemingly inexplicable reason be encouraged and excited, for it is God working in your life.
Acts 16:6 – And they went through the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word in Asia.