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6.9.16 – acts 15:11

A few years back I was at a business conference and the buzz phrase that came out of this meeting was, “paradigm shift”. It’s one of those fancy white collar terms that means, “things are fixin’ to change”, and you might wanna get on board.
As the disciples continued to spread the message of Jesus some of the converted Jewish leaders still felt it necessary for any gentile to adopt Jewish rituals and beliefs. The problem wasn’t with the new gentile believers, it laid directly at the feet of the Jewish converts. They still felt it necessary to hold on to some of their old traditions. To know and follow the law of Moses was at the top of this list. They still had not fully bought into the fact that with Jesus’ sacrifice they were made clean. The Gentiles were new to all of this so they were understandably confused.
Here’s the good news, other than confessing your sins and believing that he came to die for all men, Jesus has and never will make knowing him conditional. He takes us as we are and only asks us to know him more. If we do this in earnest, the changes come from within. Therein lies the paradigm shift of what some religions will proclaim. Outward practices of religion are just that and rarely serve to bring us closer to God. Other than a willing heart and faith in his Son, God makes no distinction on who may come to know and be with him. Whether you are a curious bystander, new believer or religious fanatic, knowing Him more may be the paradigm shift you’ve been looking for! Acts 15:11 – But we believe that we will be saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus, just as they will.”