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5.20.16 – Acts 12:5

Prayer a word and frankly an activity, that we tend to take for granted. If you’re anything like me your prayer life has taken many differing forms. For me I have found myself praying at night only to fall fast asleep. At other times right in the middle of a prayer my mind has wandered to something not closely relevant to my prayer.
About a year ago I did offer up a prayer asking God to help me in this area. He answered that prayer by my church asking me to be their prayer director. Tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor. Not only did I need to get my own prayer life together now I was given the responsibility of praying for others. While I’m still hit and miss in this area, hopefully more hit, I now see it as the privilege that it is.
When Peter was imprisoned by King Herod his fate was all but sealed. James had just been captured and beheaded by the very same man, who saw this as an opportunity for political gain (some things never change). Upon Peter’s capture the church prayed for him. The commentary on this verse describes the prayer of being of the most earnest kind. In fact the Greek word Ektenos was used here. It means the stretching of muscles to their limits. The same word Luke uses to describe Jesus’ prayer in the Garden. So that’s some serious prayer. Peter was then rescued by an Angel right out from under heavy guard.
I guess my point here is when we go through the motion of prayer, treating it like any other menial task, God responds in kind. However, when are earnest in our petitions, he is earnest in helping us through and or with our prayers. Use your time of prayer to speak to God. Give him and your prayers the time and consideration that they warrant and see how he begins to respond.
Acts 12:5 – So Peter was kept in prison, but earnest prayer for him was made to God by the church.