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6.28.09 – 2 Kings 17:41a

Let me preface this Devotional by saying I respect the work the following people did while they were with us and my hope is that they had a personal relationship with Jesus.

This past week was filled with news of “celebrity” deaths. These were people that many consider icons of a certain period of time. Certainly when you think of Farrah Fawcett, “the 70’s” can easily be part of your next thought. No one disputes Michael Jackson’s contribution to the world of music and to music videos. These people and the others who have passed on contributed to their field of work. Consider this, is their contribution more important than what you do on a daily basis in your field of work or for example what a Teacher or Fireman does?

Because these people are part of “pop culture” they are made to be larger than life, more important than that Fireman and sadly more important than Jesus. We can pass this off and just say it’s part of our society, but isn’t that the bigger issue? Our society puts more emphasis on “Pop Culture” than it does on Christ. The one that is there for us from dawn to dusk, day after day, week after week and we would rather watch another hour of Michael Jackson coverage than read our Bibles. If we gave Christ half of the time we devote to worldly things our lives would change immeasurably.

So who or possibly what do you “idolize”? Pop-culture is all about what’s hot! Today’s superstars are tomorrow’s has-beens. The newest fads and clothes are yesterday news in a month or two . . . so what ever it is, if it’s taking time away from your relationship with Jesus isn’t it time to “reconnoiter” your schedule and spend some time with the one who will always be on the top of the charts
2 Kings 17:41a – Even while these people were worshiping the Lord, they were serving their idols.