2.2.18 – Phi 2:3

Many years ago I found myself in a canoe with a girl I was dating. I was no expert but had been in a canoe before and knew the basics. Well, it turned out to be a really bad day because she did not know much about canoeing. However, I was the real problem. For a canoe to go straight the person on each side should apply a similar stroke. Me being stronger and more experienced delivered more power so the canoe turned to the opposite side as she couldn’t match my strokes. Instead of realizing this and adapting, I got mad, rowed harder and made things worse. My selfish ambition got in the way of the task at hand and our journey was rough.
In our world we are taught to look out for number one, that we’ll never get anywhere by looking out for anyone but ourselves. Like many things, God would have us think differently. That by putting others needs before our own, we work to build his kingdom. By investing time in the welfare of others he, not we, will compete the work he has in us. (Phi 1:6) God’s plan for your life is greater than anything you could design for yourself and all he asks is that we put others before ourselves. Unlike my failed canoe trip, if we work to bring others along with us, God will make it a glorious journey! Philippians 2:3 – Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. #devotionals