11.28.17 – Gal 6:11

Have you ever received an Email or text from someone that contained ALL CAPS? Generally such communications have a distinct point the author is trying to make. So if by chance the language wasn’t clear enough, the caps say “hey, these words here, are pretty darn important”.
Interestingly enough this is not a new concept. In his writings to the various churches, it was common for Paul, who dictated most of his letters, to write the last paragraph himself. This accomplished a couple things. It allowed him to add a personal message and it was also a means of authentication.
In his closing words to the Galatian Church he urges them to not be led astray by those who held the law more closely than the gospel of Jesus he had previously shared. That God’s grace alone should be revered and pursued. He wrote these closing remarks in ALL CAPS. The Galatians and their salvation were so important to Paul, he did all he could, by pen, to emphasize his love for them.
We should embrace Paul’s zeal in communicating the Gospel to our friends and families. THE SAVING GRACE THAT ALLOWS ALL TO LIVE A LIFE OF TRUE FREEDOM!
Galatians 6:11 – See with what large letters I am writing to you with my own hand.