1.21.17 – Rom 14:19

Over the last year we have seen our country divided by the political process. I can’t remember a time when it was this vociferous. Friendships have been broken, harsh words spoken to people we don’t even know. I’ve been guilty of this. Social media provides a platform for things we probably wouldn’t say in person. We all become a little more brave hiding behind a keyboard.
Not to ignore such differences but don’t we still have much more in common than where we differ? I choose to believe this and the hope that I have in Christ tells me it is so.
In Romans 14 Paul speaks of the petty differences in religious eating practices that were used to defame one another in his day. He also infers that this led to further judgement of other religious practices. The context of these words is based on religious differences but I believe Jesus would have us extend this to all people and circumstance. Regardless of what side of any issue you’re on we’re called to rise above. We must consciously choose to extend the branch of acceptance and peace. Romans 14:19 – So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding.