12.6.16 – rom 9:8

There is an ongoing conversation about entitlements in our country. I’m not even sure how that word came about, sans life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, there are very few things in life that we are “entitled to”,
Our salvation in Jesus and relationship with God are not entitlements, they are gifts. Gifts that must be pursued through faith. We can’t assume just because we are good people and recognize who God is that we are saved. Paul illustrates this for us in speaking of his own people. He anguished over the fact that in their rejection of Jesus, the Israelites had turned their backs on God. They continued to believe that if they just worked harder to follow the “rules”, that through their birth right they were entitled to salvation. It didn’t work that way then, it doesn’t work that way now.
Good, lasting relationships have always been a two way street. God has already done his part through the gift of Christ, who continues to intercede for those who believe. Our faith in and dedication to the salvation we receive in Jesus must be active and never assumed. I invite you to take that glorious step into salvation through faith, not works or entitlements.
Romans 9:8 -This means that it is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise are counted as offspring.